Electrical Compliance Safety Certificates Johannesburg

It is necessary for you to acquire a Johannesburg approved electrical Compliance Certificate for your commercial or residential property.

This ECOC serves as a legal confirmation that the electrical installation of your building(s) is up to the standards set by the South African government. This certificate is essential in Johannesburg in order to ascertain that your electrical installation is safe. In the event of a fault in your electrical line and potential loss or damage to property, the insurance company will want to have a look at your certificate of electrical compliance. Failure to provide the ECOC could result in the insurance agency refusing your claim proposal – hence you end up getting nothing as compensation.

With the changes in law every now and then, anyone who has acquired a new property should ensure they get new compliance certificates. Ideally, you should have the property examined after every two years just to be on the safe side regardless of whether you want to sell or lease the property or not. For those that are renting out, a legitimate landlord certificate is a must have and a copy of the certificate should be handed to the tenant.

Without a legal electrical compliance certificate, the landlord should not be allowed to rent out their premises at all. On the other hand, rental agents too should ensure that they get to see the property’s ECOC Johannesburg certificate prior to sourcing for tenants for the premise.

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